Sunday, August 25, 2013

Challenge Day 25: My Five Favourite Blogs!

There aren't many blogs that I check regularly.  Is that weird?  There are two that I would absolutely call my favourites though, because I'm always super pumped when I see a new post.  Here they are:

The Art of Doing Stuff ( – You may remember Karen Bertlesen from those few-minute segments on CFMT before Letterman came on at 11:35pm.  I just googled her and learned that she has also hosted a bunch of shows on HGTV Canada.  I don’t watch that channel, so I didn’t know that.  This is the first I’ve seen of her since her days of being cute and funny before Dave.  She writes a blog now and I love it.  She has great DIY ideas, recipes, gardening advice and has remained cute and funny.  Seriously, this woman can do anything.  Not only that, she has chickens.  Even better than that?  The Coop Cam.  Every day from 9am-9pm, you can see what the chickens are up to.  You’re welcome. 
Green Thimble ( This blog is great.  Krista sews amazing dresses for little girls, (I own a few!), and seems to really have her mom-shit together.  Her posts are full of fun and unique things she’s done with her kids (she’s so crafty!) and she writes about the moments that didn’t go as well as she had hoped, which I think is so super important for other parents to read.  Also, there are chickens.  (I’m seeing a pattern here that I didn’t notice before and will have to explore one day.  Maybe I should have chickens too?)  Anyway, Krista and her family are four months into a year-long buy-nothing-but-what-they-absolutely-need challenge.  It’s pretty inspiring.  Check it out.
I know that I'm supposed to write about my FIVE favourite blogs but I just really need my bed right now.  Today was a really fun and a really productive day.  We walked for what could have been miles, we washed both cars inside and out, and we played an extended version of Hit the Kids With a Giant Ball (our favourite family game!) in the backyard.  Well, we couldn't play it in the front yard now, could we?  The neighbours might start talking.  Yep, a  fun day, indeed. 
Also, this blog challenge can suck it.  I can't wait for this month to be over.  Thanks for reading!  :)


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