Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 6: My 5 Senses Right......NOW!

Sight:                  I’m looking across my dining room table at a bunch of yarn that is just waiting for me to whip up into something spectacular!  I also see the yellow walls that I would love to have painted and the record player console that I would like to have gutted and rebuilt.  And my Hamilton neighbourhood maps.  I love them.  It's amazing how many conversations have been started by those three little posters.  Oh, and there is also the list of kid-selected house rules:
1.       Love each other all days.
2.       Clean up after yourself and then help someone else.
3.       Keep our hands and feet to ourselves. 
Hearing:             Shhh, listen….do you hear that?  The window is open beside me and I can hear birds chirping sweetly, wind softly rustling the leaves in the trees and someone mowing their lawn somewhere in the distance.  You know what I don’t hear?  Kids!  That’s right, I’m in my house all alone.  How did this happen, you ask?  My husband took them camping.  I love him.
Touch:                I can feel the waist of my pants working over time since I finished my dinner.  It was delicious, I ate too much and now my pants are too tight.  I need to get my joggers on.  Or undo these pants at the very least. 
Smell:                 There is a pretty fresh smell in here, since all the windows are open.  If I lean forward just a little, I can get a pretty great whiff of my cat.  His paws smell like popcorn.
Taste:                 Water.  Plain ol’ H2O.  I love it.

That was easy!  I’m glad it didn’t take nearly as long as yesterday’s post did.  I have a few more hours of alone time in the house (which never, ever happens!), so I need to go enjoy every last minute of it.         

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