Friday, August 16, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 16: Woops, I Skipped One

So, I didn’t post yesterday and that’s because I thought yesterday’s topic was absurd.  The timeline of my day?  I woke-up, took the kids to daycare, went to work, picked the kids up from daycare, went home, met a friend for coffee, went home, and went to bed.  Interesting, right?  Not really.
On to today’s post: My Bucket List

And here’s the thing about today’s topic.  I don’t have a bucket list.  There are things I would like to do in my lifetime, sure, but none of them involve skydiving, climbing Mount Everest or living in Bora Bora for a year.  My plans are much more logical and achievable.  Here they are:
·         Live mortgage free.  We plan to have our mortgage paid off completely before we retire.  Totally do-able.

·         Travel this amazing country with the kids.  I would like to rent a Volkswagen Bus (preferrably one that looks like the Mystery Machine!), start driving west, take our time, experiencing everything that each Province has to offer.  After we visit Victoria, we hop on a plane and fly to Newfoundland where we rent another vehicle (maybe a convertible this time?) and slowly make our way back to Ontario.  Money and time are clearly no obstacles for this holiday.

·         Work from home.  I like working.  I like earning a salary.  I really do not like having to go into an office for eight hours, five days a week.  I think people should be paid for their productivity, not for the hours they log. 

·         Pay for our kids’ post-secondary education, (should they choose to go).  I think it’s important for kids to go away to school.  It’s the in-between stage of living with your parents and being totally self-sufficient.  We don’t plan to pay for everything but, since we have at least another twelve years to think about it, we haven’t exactly ironed out the details of who will pay for what.  I’m organized and efficient, but not that organized and efficient.
I think that’s about it.  There are other things, like taking on one major house project or going on one family vacation every year, having a night or two away with my husband every once in a while and becoming so organized that I plan all our meals and grocery shop according to those meal plans.  I’m not sure I would categorize them as “bucket list material”, but they're my life plans nonetheless. 

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