Friday, August 2, 2013

31-Day Blog Challenge Day 2: Twenty Things About Yours Truly

Here I am at day 2 and I’m already stumped.  TWENTY THINGS?! Ugh.

1.       Other than the one cup of coffee I have first thing every morning, I drink rooibos tea all day long.  I put a bunch of loose tea in my cup at the start of the day, fill it with boiling water twice and then continue to refill it with cold water throughout the day.  Delicious.

2.       I resisted rooibos tea for the longest time because I thought rooibos was a made-up Starbucks word and I refused to order it.  Then I learned that it was an actual thing and I fell instantly in love.

3.       I have long(er) hair for the first time in my adult life.  I was 17 with long hair in the photo below but before and after that point, it’s pretty much always been cut really short.  I’m loving it long and plan to keep growing it.  Not to this ridiculous length or anything, but longer than it is now.
4.       This summer, I’ve come to the realization that, despite my best efforts, I’m actually not a camping person. I do love the great outdoors but need to stay in a cottage or trailer.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a tv, computer, or phone but with an actual bed, bathroom and kitchen, I could stay all summer.

5.       I’m afraid of thunder storms in the middle of the night.  They always seem to happen when my husband is on nightshift and I’m hiding under the covers alone.

6.       I love Kraft Dinner.  I can’t help it.

7.       I especially love Kraft Dinner when there are hot dogs in it.  Someone please help me.

8.       While I think my kid wakes me up way too early, I love when he crawls into bed with me for snuggles before the sun comes up.  I know I should probably be more firm about him staying in his room until wake-up time but I also know he won’t be this snuggly forever so I’m soaking it all in while I still can.

9.       My husband calls me Champ.  I don’t remember how it started, but I love it. 

10.   I really don’t like dogs.  I’m afraid of big ones and am annoyed by little ones.  My whole family wants one and I really hope I don’t ever have to get one. 

11.   I’m also really annoyed by dog owners who think that having a dog is the same as having a baby.  It’s not at all the same.  Not even a little bit.

12.   When my husband was in a band, I loved the way he smelled after sweating his ass off playing the drums for an hour.  Now, I really do not love the way he smells when he’s back from a 30 minute run.  I wonder why that is.

13.   I have only ever been in long-term relationships.  I was 16-21 years old in the first one, 21-27 in the second one and I’ve been with my husband since I was 27.  I’m okay with that.

14.   My husband was supposed to be my first and only one-night stand.  Woops.

15.   We took the kids on the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls when they were only 7 months and 22 months old.  In retrospect, it was not the best parenting decision we’ve ever made.  That was more than three years ago and I still have nightmares of all the things that could have gone wrong.  At least we got a cute family photo out of the experience.
16.   Most of the people I work with think I have two tattoos when really I have eight.  I’m not sure why I’m so shy about them at the office, I just am.

17.   My husband and I were once on an episode of Newlywed Nearly Dead? on the Slice network.  We were never given a copy of it, it’s no longer on their website and we accidentally deleted it from our PVR.  I would really love to see it again.

18.   When I need to escape from the house, I head to Indigo for a combination of rooibos tea lattes, books and alone time.  It’s my happy place.

19.   I learned how to crochet in December and since then I’ve made a pillow, four winter head-band thingies, two ponchos and three hats.  I’m pretty proud of that.

20.   I make a to-do list every single day.  It gives me so much pleasure to cross things off of it that I will actually add something to the list after I’ve done it, just so I can cross it off.

And with that, I can cross "today's blog post" off my list!  Holy moly, that was hard but really also kinda fun.  Take THAT, day 2!

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