Thursday, August 1, 2013

31-Day Blog Challenge: Because I'm a Glutton for Punishment

Why am I doing this?  Because, clearly, I need to add to my list of everyday to-dos.   

I don’t know, my cousin Kathleen took the challenge on her blog last month and I had a lot of fun reading her posts and learning more about her.  I like that I’ll be given a topic to write about rather than my regular parenting, mental health and other blah, blah, blah topics that are always top of mind for me.  I thought this would change things up.  Give me something interesting to look forward to every day.  Maybe I’ll learn something new about myself.  And, you know, this might actually challenge me to take time out to write every day, even when I’m not necessarily feeling it.  And who doesn’t love a good challenge?
Well, the answer there is really…me.  I don’t love a good challenge.  Oh, I’ve challenged myself to not eat wheat or gluten, to do 100 sit-ups every day, and to stay off Facebook for months at a time but it never (and I mean never!) sticks.  According to my therapist, it’s because I have anxiety issues and people with anxiety issues never see things through to the end.  I have a long list of half-finished projects, degrees, certificates….you name it, I’ve started it and not finished it.  Maybe my therapist is on to something here.  Anyway, this challenge is to prove to myself (and to my therapist) that I can actually finish something I start. 

So, here goes…
Post one: Introduction and Recent Photo

It was a crisp, fall day in 1976.  A young woman checked into the Labour & Delivery Unit at St. Joe’s hospital in Hamilton, Ontario anxiously anticipating the birth of the baby girl that would forever change her life…
Okay, I won’t bore you with all the details of the last 36 years.  Assuming you’re still here reading this (anyone?!), I’ll just give you the short of it: I’m the only girl, middle child in my family; I grew up in Hamilton, moved to Toronto when I was 21 (swearing I would never be back), and then moved back to the Hammer six years later; I’ve had three looooooong-term boyfriends (the last one thankfully being my husband); I have two kids, a cat and a house that I love.  I’m a fundraiser, and have always been a fundraiser, for not-for-profit organizations, although I am open to change.  Actually, I’m always open to change.  I love my home and my city but if my husband were to call with news that we had to move to the other side of the country to start our life all over again, the house would be up for sale in a jiffy and I would be ready to pack the kids up and go.

There have been many ups and downs and I wouldn’t change any of it because I truly believe that they have made me exactly who I am today. And I like me.  Anyway, here I am:

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