Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Was 22 really all that great?

My short answer?  Yes.  Yes, it really was all that great.

I was living in Toronto, going to university, working in a record shop and life was simply all about having as much fun as possible.  My cash was spent on nights out having drinks, dancing until long after last call and twenty-four hour breakfast spots.  I was hanging out with the people I thought I would know all my life and we were going to do this forever.  We were never going to stop dancing, lose touch, grow old.

Here we are 14 (FOURTEEN?!) years later.  We have kids, mortgages and sadly, little time to dance.  We really only catch up by looking at photos posted to Facebook and, if we're lucky, we can squeeze in a few minutes of conversation at the park while our kids play together.

Would I ever trade places with my 22 year old self?  Not a chance.  While she may be happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way, I know who I am, what I stand for and have never been more comfortable with that. 

And once in a while, my bestie and I will dust off our dancing shoes and show the hipsters that we still have it.  Even if it means we're the oldies at the club.

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  1. Love it!

    My experiences being 22 were very different: I was a newlywed and figuring that out, I was never into going out dancing, never regretted not doing that stuff, though I might have envied the people who did enjoy it (if that makes any sense). I was also struggling hard with Depression, so I don't remember a whole lot from that time in my life. Things are definitely better now, and I wouldn't go back, even temporarily.

    I love that you and I were so different then and are so different now (well, I think we have more in common now), and I still adore you. You're amazing.