Wednesday, March 20, 2013

screw the weather, spring is here

While it may not feel like the first day of spring in Hamilton with a high of 0 degrees (that, by the way, feels like a freezing cold -5), I’m determined to warm things up in the Red House.

Earlier today, I was starting to go nuts listening to the kids constantly argue with each other over nothing.  Hubby was just getting up and at ‘em so I did my usual – I tagged him in and retreated to bed.  I laid there for fifteen minutes and then reminded myself of a conversation I had with my counsellor yesterday. 

He asked me to list all the things I disliked in my life right now.  I quickly came up with this:
·         Feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time
·         Becoming less and less engaged with my children
·         Not being in control of my emotions

Then he asked me to list my core values, the things that I stand for and believe in.  Just as quickly as the first list, I came up with this:
·         My family
·         My community
·         Being a good person
·         Raising my kids to be good people

He then reminded me that I had to be careful how I think because as we think, we feel.  He also reminded me that I need to stand in the goodness of now.  I loved that.
So with that, I got out of bed, joined my family downstairs and we all made Rice Krispies Squares.  We mixed, we giggled, we ate far too many marshmallows.

I’m constantly wishing my now was better when really, I should be standing in the goodness of it.  It really is pretty good, after all.

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