Saturday, January 11, 2014

Slumber Party Forever

Over the holidays, my daughter had her little bestie over for her first slumber party.  Both my kids were pretty excited to have her over so we brought the spare mattress down from the attic and put it on my daughter’s bedroom floor for all three kids to sleep on.  My two loved it so much that they have been sleeping there every night since. 
 It’s been two weeks of sleeping together and they say they don’t ever plan to sleep apart again so, instead of breaking the bad news to them now, we’re just going with it.  Today we moved both beds into one room and turned the empty bedroom into a playroom.  The kids are thrilled!  We didn’t make any permanent changes, just moved some furniture around so that if in a month from now they decide they want their own rooms again, it’s no problem to change back.


I actually really like this new arrangement and kind of hope that the kids want to keep it this way for a while. 

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